Keep cheap swimming suits it! Kardashian and sexy Calvin underwear filming Jenner sisters

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Wearing a white bra and underwear, Kardashian and the Jenner sisters have a sexy new underwear advertising for Calvin.

Shooting, pregnant Kylie Jenner, he carefully hidden his stomach, with Kendall Jenna and Kim, Courtney and Chloe Kardashian — who is also looking forward to.

The stars follow Kardashian in front of Calvin cheap swimming cheap swimming suits in the spring of 2018, entitled «our family # mycalvins».

In several scenes, Kylie, who hasn't publicly confirmed that she is pregnant, her boyfriend Travis Scott and goose bump rap singer Khloe are hiding a blanket, wearing Calvin Vin.

Kendall Jenna, who was once naked in a picture for the secret of the underwear giant Victoria and La Perla.

Kardashian and Kendall should follow Kendall's ex boyfriend Solange Knowles, rap singer A$AP Rocky, Cindy Croft's child Kaia and Presley Gerber models, and have also appeared in the recent Calvin Kelin ads…

«Evolution # mycalvins concept swimwear manufacturer of family in its center, shows a strong personal unity, further emphasizes the symbol of American traditional swimwear manufacturer quilt,» a statement from Calvin said.wedgw454gr

«This movement has grasped these ties and brought us different ways of life. We can inspire families, whether born or connected, to celebrate our unity.»

Last week, Kim and her singer, Kanye West, announced that their third children were born, the daughter called Chicago West, through agency.

There has been a rumor that Kylie was born in recent weeks, and Khloe confirmed that she had a child against her NBA star boyfriend Tristian Thompson in March.