Paris ' Suit Underwear

«The corset style bra I buy always has to fit well, that's important. And then comfort is so important.»

And lingerie is Dani's ultimate festive gift, despite boyfriend James rarely giving her womens bikinis sale to unwrap on Christmas morning.

She says: «He only buys me suit underwear occasionally, but he does sometimes head to Victoria's Secret because he knows I love their pieces.»

«I told the producers we could have a little fun now after a stressful time.

»I wasn't sure how I'd feel about the whole nation seeing me trying to be sexy and I guess it was a little bit embarrassing, but I loved doing it and am glad I did.«jhiatjhg147

So would she recommend that the nation's ladies put on a show for their fellas this Christmas? „I think that James really appreciated the effort I made that day,“ she says.

»I think everyone should treat their man now and then, especially if they've been good!

«But everyone should do it in their own way.

»If you want to go all out, then go for it — and always wear heels as you'll look more confident."